The NYC Cabaret (No Dancing) Law Has Come To An End!

Photo: Josh Boss

As of today, Tuesday, Nov 2nd, 2017, the racist and archaic NYC Cabaret (No Dancing) Law, which has terrorized and decimated our city’s culture for the past 91 years, has been officially repealed.

It is important to note that many in NYC government aggressively fought to maintain this law on many fronts since it was established during the Harlem Renaissance. This victory was only achieved on account of direct and sustained pressure via our elected officials, a relentless press/public awareness campaign and engagement in both the legislative and litigative arenas.

Dance Liberation Network was formed 7 months ago by a small group of friends who shared a passion for dancing, culture, safety, and social justice. Although we were instrumental in the repeal, we worked in tandem with a multitude of organizations and individuals, some who have been in the fight for decades and some who are brand new to it.

Photo: John McCarten

We are incredibly proud to share this victory and extend our infinite gratitude to:

  • City Council Member Rafael Espinal
  • Erika Tannor, Rick Arbelo and the entire staff at the Office of Rafael Espinal
  • Andrew Muchmore of Muchmore and Associates
  • Olympia Kazi, Julie Fredenberg, Jamie Burkart and the rest of the NYC Artist Coalition
  • Council Members Antonio Reynoso, Karen Koslowitz, Ydanis Rodriguez, Ritchie Torres and Stephen Levin
  • The Office of Mayor Bill de Blasio
  • Ali Coleman of the House Coalition
  • Greg Miller and Jerry Goldman of Dance Parade
  • Douglas Sherman, Loft Kid Luis and the late and great David Mancuso of The Loft
  • Rachel Nelson of Secret Project Robot
  • Julian Duron of Creative Support Group
  • Sarah Casella of Motormouthmedia
  • Pete Leonard of More More Now
  • Ali Rosa-Salas and everyone at the Abrons Art Center
  • Boiler Room
  • Discwoman
  • Bossa Nova Civic Club
  • Color of Change
  • Love Injection
  • Todd P of Market Hotel
  • Avi Turkel
  • Mercedes Ellington
  • DJs Spinderella, Jellybean Benitez, Anane Vega, Juliana Huxtable, Juan Maclean, Mobile Mondays, Jonathan Toubin, Riobamba, Min2, The Dance Pit, Macy Rodman, and Adam R
  • Ric Leichtung of Ad Hoc
  • BEMF
  • The Northside Festival
  • Lawn Mall of Commend
  • LQQK Studios
  • Sticker Fam
  • Ted Robinson
  • Frankie Bones
  • House of Yes
  • Emilie Friedlander and Ezra Marcus of THUMP
  • Justin Carter of Nowadays
  • Jeff Ihaza of The Outline
  • Read Dunlea of Circa
  • Lutz Leichsenring of Creative Footprint
  • Christine McCharen-Tran, Vivian Host and Alex Rose of BOOM/Red Bull
  • Luis Nieto Dickens of No Sleep NYC
  • Jeannie Hopper of Liquid Sound Lounge
  • Norman Siegel
  • Paul Chevigny
  • Dance Liberation Front (Apologies for accidentally ripping off your name)
  • Alena Singleton
  • Donny Burlin of Space is the Place
  • Kurt Vincent and Irene Chin of 26 Aries
  • Ari Spool
  • Yellow Jackets Collective
  • BUFU
  • Girls Like Us
  • Dance/NYC
  • The Floasis
  • All the Council Members and their offices who took the time to meet with us, who co-sponsored or voted for repeal
  • Everyone in the press that chose to report on the topic
  • Everyone who testified at or attended the City Hall hearings, the town halls, panels and events
  • Everyone who boosted our signal and supported the movement
  • The musicians, djs, dancers and purveyors of culture who suffered and persevered under this law, who gave us a NYC worth fighting for
  • No thanks to: Racists, Authoritarians, Robert Bookman of the NYC Hospitality Alliance

    See you on the dancefloor!

    Dance Liberation Network:

    Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson, Nikki Brown, John Barclay, Nicole Brenecki, Adam Snead, Rogelio Ramos, Deanna Garcia, Stephen Barnes, Turiya Madireddi, Jesse Rudoy, Clay Wilson.